Konami Shocks Fans with the Launch of a Brand New Video Game at an Unbelievable Price!

Konami launches a totally new video game at a price that fans will not believe.
It can be the cheapest in the Switch and PlayStation store

At present, video game fans have become accustomed to being against INAMI, that is because they have made strange decisions such as launch Machines machines, as well as put NFTS for sale of Castlemaine.


However, since last year they have tried to redeem themselves with the return of Silent Hill and also some published games.
Recently they have launched a new title called WBSC Baseball: Power Pros, more recent entry of this Baseball franchise that has been most popular in Japan.
The weirdest of all, is that it has reached the store with a price that is quite ridiculous from a certain point of view, and it is not an offer or an error of the stores.
The price itself is approximately USD dollar, this in its versions of PS4 and Nintendo Switch, something that can be confusing, since it is publishing a large video game company.
Given this, you can think that you will have purchases within the application but no, you can play without any problem and restrictions of some kind.
It is worth mentioning that in an entry of questions and answers on its official website, it is said that it can be played without an internet connection, but that it removes the possibility of making updates for the future, whether performance or other issues.
In addition to that, they say that two people can play via local communication with their consoles.
Editor’s note: Definitely for that price it would be worth spending 20 pesos and seeing what this proposal is about.
In fact, those who are very common with Nintendo Switch can simply buy it using the gold coins that give you for physical and digital games.

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