Reach the Max Level Easily in Hogwarts Legacy: Learn How To Gain Experience & Gear Up

See what is the maximum level you can reach in Hogwarts Legacy and how to gain experience more easily

As a traditional RPG, the Hogwarts Legacy game offers players an experience system and levels to rise, but also equipment to face increasingly difficult enemies.
The player must explore his character’s talent points to become a wiser wizard.


But then what point can we evolve our character?

What is the maximum level?

According to several netizens on Reddit and especially on the official game trophy, the maximum level is 40. It will take a considerable time to reach it, as it is necessary to finish the main story and explore every possible corner of the game.
We estimate about 50 hours to reach the maximum level, regardless of difficulty mode.
Your level is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, and you gain a talent point for each level last.
Remember that it is impossible to feature your talent points, think about your initial decisions.

How to get experience easily?

If you want to level up quickly and get talent points to make progress more easily in adventure, here are some activities that can help you:
Collect the sorcerer’s guide pages
This is the most efficient way, as you will find flying pages and others to reveal with your wand absolutely everywhere in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, and even in the highlands for a moment.
Complete all secondary missions
Most of the time, success on a secondary mission gives you between 100 and 200 experience points.
Conclude the main plot
Focus on exploring all points in the main story with your character.
Complete all puzzles
Solve Merlin’s puzzles and other open-world challenges-how to burst balloons, combat achievements and more.

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