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RB Leipzig’s s director Max Eberl was again disparaged during the Bundesliga game against 1. FC Union Berlin because of his burnout disease.

RB Leipzig’s s director Max Ebert was once again disparaged throughout the Bundesliga video game against 1. Because of his burnout illness, FC Union Berlin.
In the 66th minute of the football game, 3 banner with insults versus the 49-year-old were displayed in the visitor block.
In the previous week, Ebert had actually been insulted in a similar method the video game of the Saxons at 1. FC Cologne.


Ebert resigned from Borussia Mönchengladbach for health reasons in January 2022.
Later on he had spoken freely about his disease, and on December 1st he had actually changed to RB Leipzig.
The relocation to the Saxons had actually been greatly criticized in fan circles because of the rejection of the RB business model.

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