Welcome to Hogwarts Heritage: Meet Ominis Gont and Volan de on Your Magical Journey

Ominis Gont is a familiar face that you will encounter when your journey begins at the Hogwarts sorcery school and magic.
But many?

Minis Got is a familiar face that you will encounter when your journey begins at the Hogwarts sorcery school and magic.
But many players are wondering if he is generally related to the one-and-nel-call.
That’s all you need to know if Minis Got is connected with Voldemort in Hogwarts’s Heritage.

How Minis Got is connected with Voldemort in Heritage Hogwarts

In Hogwarts Legacy, each house has different members with whom you will interact as the game passes.
One of these persons with whom you will interact on the first day is Minis Got.


He belongs to the Slytherin faculty, and if you get to the same faculty, you will learn much more about him.
He was born blind and has the same genealogy as Salazar Slytherin, who was also the founder of the Slytherin faculty.
There is no doubt that Slytherin know how to attract attention, and not always for the right reasons.
Minis Got was born in a family of purebred wizards and was brought up in the conviction that the Muggles do not deserve either a study of magic or life.
In fact, in the Hogwarts heritage you will learn that he was forced to use the curse of Fruits against innocent Muggles against his will.
He did not share the same thoughts as the family of the hounds, and he did not like to kill the Muggles.
Potter fans must remember that Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Woman de Mort, was born at Tom Riddle Sr. and Europa Got, a powerful witch.
Although Voldemort received the name of his father, but through his mother, Europa Got, he also belonged to the pedigree of Salazar Slytherin.

It is no accident that the Salazar could turn into a snake and speak on Parenting, which Voldemort and Minis have.
Minis speaks on Parnell in the quest Shadow of Research.
Now the question arises whether the minis got and Voldemort are related to each other.
According to the legends of Harry Potter, Tom Riddle was born in 1926, and his mother MOROP Got was in 1907 in the Marvel Got family.
The hound family was a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin and, therefore, also Parenting.
Since the events of the Hogwarts Heritage occur long before the events of Harry Potter, it can be confidently assumed that Minis is a direct relative and ancestor of Nolan de Mort.
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