Noël Le Graët Resigns as President of the French Football Association After Sexual Harassment Allegations

After allegations of sexual harassment, the President of the French Football Association, Noël Le Graët, gives up office.
At a board meeting, the 81-year-old announced his resignation, the Football Association (FFF) said in Paris.

After claims of unwanted sexual advances, the Head of state of the French Football Organization, Noel Le Grant, surrenders workplace.
At a board conference, the 81-year-old announced his resignation, the Football Organization (FFF) stated in Paris.
For the time being, Le Grant had actually currently cleared his article on January 11th.
The Paris judiciary is investigating him for sex-related harassment.
Le Grant has actually held the top office given that 2011.
His fourth term would certainly not have actually ended up until 2024.
Right away after his resignation it became known that Le Grant will in future receive a new monitoring job at the FIFA Globe Federation Organization, as the broadcaster RMC ing activity reported.
The head of state was selected to the organization by FIFA boss Gianni Infantino.
He will lead the office in Paris. He was assigned due to his skills, knowledge and experience, stated the member of the FFF Exec Committee, Eric Boffin, in front of the association’s seat.

Poor behavior

A report by the Ministry of s recently involved the conclusion that Le Grant no more had the essential legitimacy to manage and stand for French football.
He has inappropriate habits in the direction of women as well as sexually pestered them regularly with SMS and also words.
Le Grant’s behavior modesty as well as dignity that required his office missed and his derailments, which would certainly be reinforced by excessive alcohol usage, damaged the image of the football association.


On Tuesday, the football association itself claimed that this report was less based upon objective facts than at assessments, which often resulted in an out of proportion disparagement.

The association additionally regretted that there was no right procedure and that many comments from the organization to deal with sexist and also sexual violence were not thought about.
The FFF is highly dedicated to sexist as well as sex-related violence.

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