DFB Confirms: Financial Situation of National Team Depends on Success – Bernd Neuendorf & Stephan Grunwald Speak Out

The German Football Association is in a financial forecast.
The association writes red numbers.
Success of the national team would bring improvement.

DFB President Bernd Bettendorf and also treasurer Stephan Grunewald have confirmed the massive financial dependency of the association on the success of the nationwide group.
If the national group is not successful, the DFB is not doing well financially. You can compare that to every Bundesliga club, stated Grunewald at a media consultation in Frankfurt/Main.
On Saturday, the election of Bettendorf and Grunewald in their respective DFB workplaces marks.
The DFB additionally taped a minus of 33.5 million euros in the existing financial record because of necessary tax provisions.
Grunewald put the family on 15.5 million euros this year.
As a result of the preliminary round out of the 2018 as well as 2022 World Championships, the DFB costs in the millions.
In addition, Grunewald explained, showing off failures would affect agreement arrangements with the enrollers.

treasurer sees high savings potential

The organization had actually already announced at the end of January that the specific departments need to be drawn up in the individual divisions by June 30, 2023, packages of steps for an all natural consolidation concept.


I am very, very positive that everyone understood just how the scenario is. I am optimistic that we can remove this structural shortage, said Bettendorf.
Grunewald shared that he saw high savings potential.
It can no much longer take place in the following 10 years because the organization no more exists.
The DFB might still take the time this year to purposely as well as properly determine.
The international gamers’ holiday accommodation might likewise be tested throughout the global stages.

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