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EU Players Unexpectedly Receive Chinese Realm Region Unavailable Messages – Bug Resolved Quickly

Heres a very strange and interesting bug (that was resolved pretty quickly), as EU Classic Era players were receiving the realms will be unavailable in this region from January 23rd, 2023 message today, that was meant for the closure of Chinese realms ear

This concern did not affect all players on EU web servers, however there were a lot of records, and also Snowstorm did hotfix the trouble fairly rapidly (around 1-2 hours) after the very first report.


Below’s an interesting as well as very odd pest (that was fixed rather rapidly), as EU Classic Age players were getting the realms will be inaccessible in this area from January 23rd, 2023 message today, that was indicated for the closure of Chinese realms earlier this year.

Simply quitting by to let everybody recognize that the WoW team is presently conscious of this issue as well as functioning on obtaining it settled! ~ ~ No ETA at this minute, however they are on it.

EDIT: Ok they have already fixed it!, if you are still having any concerns please reactivate your application as well as inspect for WoW updates before opening the video game.

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