Breaking News: Golden State Warriors Four-Team Trade in Jeopardy After Failed Medical Check by Gary Payton II

According to concurred media reports, Gary Payton II did not pass his medical consult the Golden State Warriors.
Obviously the Guard threatens approximately 3 months of break, which puts the four-team trade between the Warriors, Pistons, Blazers and Hawks in danger.
Shams Catania (The Athletic) reported that the offer was endangered, and other media confirmed this a little later.
At Payton II medical check, an injury to the fuselage muscles was apparently discovered, which might require him to expect 2 to three months.
Apparently the issues return to an abdominal operation from the summer, after which the 30-year-old had actually missed out on the very first 35 season games.
Even after his return, according to The Athletic, he played with pain, allegedly the medical personnel of the sports jackets pressed him to play anyway and offered him a painkiller.
Lastly, on Wednesday he was 22 minutes against Golden State on the flooring (9 points, 3 rebounds).
The Warriors now desired to bring the poisonous Guard protector back to the Trade Due date after playing a crucial function in the winning of the championship in the pre-season, but then signing up with Portland as a free representative.
For this, the Dubs threaded a four-team trade, the Payton II and two second-round choices to Golden State, Ex-No.2- Pick James Wiseman to Detroit, Sadiq Bey from the Pistons to Atlanta and Kevin Knox (Pistons) and 5 second-round picks
would have delivered to Portland.
After the non-passed medical check, the Warriors now have time up until Saturday to choose whether they still want to go through or cancel the offer.
Apparently there were discussions in between the teams involved on Friday whether the trade could perhaps be adjusted.


Nevertheless, the matter complicates that 4 groups are associated with the deal.

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Can be canceled at any time.
Blazers-GM Joe Cronin had actually described at a press conference on Friday that Payton II was officially released to play, and the team was confident that the Guard was fit.
The security of the players is very important for us and likewise in the league. We would not have brought him back if we thought that he was not healthy or there would be a danger, stated Cronin.