Knee Bae Jae -min, a member of DRX, won the global fighting game competition EVO 2022

-11 wins from the qualifiers to the finals

-Korean player wins for 4 years since 2018

-Chanel tied for 13th in Chanel, and finished the tournament with 9th place in Inpested

Bae Jae-min (knee), a Korean DRX Tekken team, won the championship at the EVO 2022 of the Global Fighting Game Tournament held in three years due to the Corona virus.

It is only four years since 2018 that Korean athletes won the festival of fighting games, which were held in Las Vegas for three days from the 5th to the 7th of the local time, with 1,218 Tekken users around the world.

EVO 2022, which was participated by Tekken in Korea, Japan, the United States, Europe, and Pakistan, is the first global fighting game offline competition held after the co-acquisition of Sony and venture firm RTS in the aftermath of the Corona Virus last year.

It is a total of 5,045 participants to register for nine fighting game champions that have been held for a long time.

‘Knee’ Bae Jae-min, who has advanced to the quarter-finals by tradition, went straight to the Grand Final by defeating ‘Khan’ players of ‘Mabi’ Oh Dae-il of Guangdong Prix and FATE’s Pakistanian nationality.

Meanwhile, in Posa-jo, another Pakistan’s strongest player ‘Aslan Ash’ defeated CNJ ‘Jeon Sang-hyun’ Jeon Sang-hyun, but the Grand Final match was defeated by ‘Khan’ player who was defeated by ‘knee’ player. Knee’s’ Bae Jae-min’s Lee Match was completed.

‘Knee’ Bae Jae-min, who used Fengway as the main character in this tournament, became the main character of the EVO 2022 championship trophy, who had been hoping for ‘Khan’ three-to-one with a knife-like timing and a brilliant psychological warfare.

Bae Jae-min, a knee who won 11 games from the qualifiers to the finals, won a $ 7,215 prize with 550 TWT points and injuries.

In addition, ‘Chanel’ Kang Sung-ho, a teammate of the DRX team who participated, finished the tournament with tied for 13th place, and ‘Infested’ Park Byung-ho tied for 9th place.

‘Knee’ Bae Jae-min said, It is so hard that I won the championship that I had been so hoped for in the international competition after a long time in the aftermath of the corona virus.

‘Knee’ Bae Jae-min played a unique performance in the ATL (African TV Tekken League) after the offline world competition, and proved the strongest in Korea. He has achieved the feat of winning five consecutive championships, including ranking first.

Subsequently, even through the EVO 2022, even the title of the world’s tekken, which no one can doubt, has taken the record of the recent six consecutive championships, and is close to the record of winning 100 times with 96 unofficial wins.

Meanwhile, it was a competition to confirm that there were not much interest in fighting games esports, with more than 150,000 concurrent viewers of EVO 2022 sent through online broadcasting platforms such as African TV and Twitch.


After person 5 royal, more video games from the prominent JRPG legend will receive Spanish translation

In a statement from Atlus shared by Gematsu, the firm has verified that the testimonials of the 3rd as well as fourth installment of a person will certainly arrive on the market for the initial time with Spanish translation , in addition to French, German and also Italian. Especially pertinent information thinking about the quantity of texts that the games have.

The Spanish translation was extremely renowned by the Spanish-speaking area personally 5 Royal, the testimonial of the fifth delivery of the franchise business, which originally got here just in English. Along with a person 5 Royal, among the very best JRPG of the last generation, recalls that in 3Dgos you have our evaluation of person 4 Golden readily available.


There is still no verified date for the arrival of person 4 Golden and person 3 mobile to Xbox, its launch is intended for 2023 . The three titles of the legend will show up both to Xbox as well as Computer with Xbox Game Pass . As for the PC launch, in the past, the premiere of the 4th installation in Vapor was a success for Atlus.

Fantastic information for Spanish-speaking fans of the JRPG legend of Atlus. Several of the most important video games of the franchise business get here at Xbox as well as PC, the news of the Xbox Bethesda Games Showcase has actually been a surprise and also has actually not been the only 1. If you have constantly wished to play person 4 Golden and person 3 portable as well as English has actually been a barrier , this is mosting likely to end.