Battlefield 2042 has a bug that makes an important grenade completely useless

Battlefield is a series of first-person shooter video clip games developed by Swedish business EA DICE and is released by American firm Digital Arts. It began on Microsoft Windows and OS X with Battlefield 1942, which was released in 2002. The Battlefield series has actually been played by greater than 50 million players worldwide as of 2012, across 11 games as well as 12 development loads launched considering that its creation in 2002.
The series includes a specific focus on big maps, team effort as well as vehicle warfare. The computer video games in the collection are generally concentrated on online multiplayer.

Battlefield 2042 has a bad bug that makes an important gadget in the game completely useless with a few simple clicks. Because without great effort you can completely switch off smoke grenades in the game and thus make it worthless for your intended use. Experienced here on Mango, what it has on it.

What is the problem with the smoke grants? Battlefield 2021 has a lot of bugs. These were hovercrafts with strange driving characteristics, the speech bug or the impenetrable shield, which even held tanks.

While the mentioned bugs have already been tackled by the developers, meanwhile, new errors in the system do. A particularly worse bug, which makes essential features of the game useless, has recently been discovered in the game.

Because when opening a menu, the particle effects of smoke grenades are suddenly disabled.

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That’s how the bug affects: Everything you have to do to completely negate smoke grenades is to open a specific menu in the game. As soon as you are back in the game, the particles of the smoke grenade are disabled. That has found a Reddit user.

You can see exactly how he takes a horde opponent under shelling and a few down. They are helpless on the ground and call their remaining comrades for help. However, as these do not want to be reclined when reviving, go to the textbook and throw Brad smoke grenades to descend the area and so in peace to recover their friends.

But JackSfootball51 just calls a menu and all the opponents previously hidden from fog were well visible and a light victim for him. How that looks in the game, you can see here in the video:

The bug thus completely takes a for the gameplay important item completely out of the game and thus grabs sensitive to the balance.

Also, if the bug can be easily reproduced, we advise you to do so. Since it is an obvious mistake, it can happen that you will be banned for the use of an exploit.

That’s what the players say: The thread of Jacksfootball51 on Reddit exploded almost and has already 7,200 up votes and nearly 400 comments after 17 hours. They are largely horrified and dominated by incredulous amazement:

Op3rat0rr: The game is so broken, lol. That must be fixed immediately!
Hotspicedchai: I love this Subreddit, every day I see something new about the game, which does not work. Almost as if it were an alpha or beta.
Unknowing: Now I finally understand why you could give me a headshot through the smoke!

Other users named Galgenhumor and commented that the developers will hopefully not switch off the appropriate menu as a fix. Others defended the developers and said that in fact, it would be a very bizarre bug that hardly noticed in the play test.

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Anyway, the bug is a serious thing and should be approached soon. So that the game gets better and has fewer mistakes, the developers have already introduced a roadmap.