Everwild receives Alien Isollation s main designer I hope to do great things on this team

Ever wild, the project for Xbox in which the Rare study is working, has welcomed Alien Isolation’s main designer, Gary Napper. Confirmed this week via NGC, Napper will join the Ever wild team and take the role of Design Director.

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Napper reaches the team after the progress of the creative director I am excited to announce that today I have joined Rare as Ever wild design director, said Napper. I really hope to do great things with this incredible team and study.

Napper reaches a team that has suffered some complications, since the Creative Director of Ever wild abandoned the project, and according to NGC, the title had to begin its development from the beginning. This is the possible reason why Ever wild has been absent most recent Xbox events.

Even so, it is good to know that more industry talent will boost this anticipated project. Ever wild promises to deliver something that the world has and has not seen before, but until not having a trailer or new images, we only have to imagine what this affirmation means.

When will we know more about Ever wild? You will probably have to spend a lot of time because, according to the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, Rare will not show the game again until it has something special that is worth seeing.