Cult of the Lamb Curses – Rating of all curses

Curses can be used along with weapons during campaigns. You can equip only one curse at a time, so it is better to choose wisely during the possibilities of improvement. Below is a complete list of curses in the Cult of the Lamb, as well as which of them are the best in terms of efficiency during battles.

all curses of the worship of the lamb

level s

The best curses that you can unlock in the game. They will take you far, especially in battles with bosses.

Death assistant *
Hounds of fate
Path of the righteous
whirlpool *
Divine guard *


Worthy curses that will help you quite far in battles.

Call Crown *
Ignoring death
Death wave

level b

These curses are good, but they do not cause such universal damage as other curses.

abandoned Igor *
Touch of Remnants
Divine explosion
Flood of death *
Cleaning fire *

level f

These are curses that you rarely use due to the low level of damage and time necessary for aiming and shot.

Corruption Point *
Touch Jurua
Divine spoilage
Divine blizzard *
Fire shot *


how to unlock curses in the cult of the lamb

The game begins with the base number of 10 curses available to your lamb. During the sermons, you will receive faith points from your sectarians. When the progress indicator is filled with glasses of faith, you can unlock new curses that will help you in your runs.

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