Sir Lewis Hamilton: Hoping to Make History with 8th World Cup Title | A Driver Like No Other

When Niki Lauda spoke, then you paid attention.
This held true for Formula 1 followers in the house on the television in addition to for 2 record globe champs.
The Austrian, that passed away in 2019, usually and extremely talked with Michael Schumacher, as a boss of the supervisory board of the Mercedes racing team from 2012, he was additionally a coach for Lewis Hamilton.
I found out a lot more when I shed than I won, was just one of Laura’s suggestions on the British.
And today Hamilton knows just how right these recommendations was, specifically after the instead screwed up 2022 season.

first period without success

Hamilton has been in Formula 1 considering that 2007, he is like Schumacher seven-time world champion as well as also won at the very least one race every year-not in the previous year.
He had noticed at an early stage that the brand-new Mercedes had his pitfalls, not simply because the police hopped dangerously on the straight.
Oh god, I can not combat for the title with these cars and truck, he thought at the initial tests.
He needed to enjoy Max Verstappen won his second Globe Cup, greater than three 2nd places in the direction of completion of the period were not there for himself.
The only Mercedes success was his 13-year teammate George Russell in the penultimate race in Brazil.

I expanded in and also outside the automobile

Hamilton took it flashy, after Laura’s adage.
I have expanded in as well as outside the car, he states in retrospect in a meeting with the twist.
Just how I utilize my life, how I invest my time and also with my power families. I also think that I am a far better colleague than in the past.
With Nico Rosberg he had when fed bitter battles, with his compatriot Russell it now appears almost buddy.


In the meanwhile, Hamilton is virtually uncommonly self-unusual in the service of the team, he works as a test and also development motorist and hence advertised the silver arrow.
And also he also has praise for the new replacement pilot Mick Schumacher: He is a gain for Mercedes.
On top of that, Hamilton always addresses social points, not only in the Gulf States, where Formula 1 currently reveals 4 races.
Hamilton remains to fight for the Black Lives Issue activity and does not wish to be prohibited in the future, although the marketing experts of the racing series like to see it if the drivers concentrate on driving.
I’m hungry for change, states Sir Lewis, whom Queen Elizabeth II had actually increased to the nobility in 2020.
And I’m hungry because there are still over a hundred million children that have no accessibility to education.
Along with all social commitment, his trips to the fashion globe or its part-time job as an enrolled of motorsport skills, Hamilton naturally likewise continues to be hungry on the eighth title, the single document.
I still have the sensation that I am placing it on with driving, he explains.
A driver who went to greater than 300 races in Formula 1 has never won in Formula 1.
Hamilton existed at 310 Grands Prix, he won 103, yet some statistics are unless he was: There has never been a motorist like me, so… And so it would rarely be surprised if he lacked the season shortly
In addition, as some insiders currently rumor.
Order the special concern motorsport jet
He celebrated his 38th birthday in early January on a trip to Antarctic with snowboard tale Shaun White.
Hamilton intended to clear his head, no longer consider the 2021, lost World Cup last in 2021 and additionally not concerning the barren year 2022. The only problem with Max is that he is more youthful than me, states Hamilton
Regarding his relationship or non-ratio to the lately premium competitor.
Otherwise, he favors to focus totally on the brand-new season, also if it looks like the new, black Mercedes is a little slower than the Red Bull automobile.
He can likewise manage that.
I do not keep in mind not to have the 8th title. If I must quit at seven, it is much and still amazing much better than what the majority of others have actually ever before had.
The tale Niki Lauda was globe champion 3 times.
Martin Greener
The special problem motorsport
The whole interview with Lewis Hamilton can be discovered in the brand-new unique issue motorsport of the, which is readily available from the kiosk and as an electrical publication.
In it, you will certainly likewise locate interviews with Nico Gutenberg or Time Glock as well as a story regarding Mercedes extra chauffeur Mick Schumacher as well as all kinds of exciting tales and also histories not only for Formula 1, however likewise to numerous other auto racing series.