Try the earth -create an ideal Republic in Hokkaido at the end of the Tokugawa period! Modern Grand Strategy VICTORIA 3 [Explosive Repo]

Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don’t know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Speed Play Repo to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver raw contents about Victoria 3 , which was released for PC (Steam) by Paradox Interactive on October 26, 2022.

What is Victoria 3?

PARADOX Interactive’s internal development studio PARADOX Development Studio is the latest work of the Grand Strategy game VICTORIA series that passionate fans around the world have been waiting for a sequel. The stage is the whole world from the 19th to the 20th century. Players operate real nations and aim to realize economic rule, military hegemony and ideal society in modern society, which is rapidly changing due to the industrial revolution.

The Victorian dynasty, the stage of this work, was a turbulent era. In Japan, from the end of the Tokugawa period to the Meiji era and the Ties era, in the early Show era, in the world, a great power called powers raised imperialism and competed with each other. The development of science and technology cannot be overlooked. Many inventions, such as dynamite, light bulbs, and radio have changed human life significantly. In this work, you can enjoy the real pleasure of creating your own history in this world.

The core of this work is the economy and politics. The basics of the economy are only to build a facility and choose production, but the system where products from around the world are connected through the market are deep, and it is often difficult to know the cause of the domestic recession until you get used to it. Political systems draw a conflict between political groups with different claims, focusing on the laws of the state. Of course, elements such as diplomacy and war also appear.

Approach the actual content of Victoria 3!

Let’s actually play.

At the start of the game, Japan is still in the Do period. If you select Japan and play, you can generate the Meiji Restoration, modernize the country, and join the power. But this time, let’s do a slightly unusual way of playing. After starting in Japan, you play with Hokkaido independently.

Speaking of Hokkaido’s independent administration, you may think of the Ego Republic of Ego made by Takes hi Promote at the end of the Tokugawa period. It is 30 years earlier than historical facts, but the Japanese people in Hokkaido have become independent of the Shogunate due to the turmoil of Tempo’s famine.

The Ego government, which has just become independent of the shogunate, is a monarchy, not a republic, and armed forces who have instructed independence have power. In this situation, the government is low, and the administration is unstable.

Therefore, we performed government reform and added a large influence to the government. It is the birth of a new administration by armed forces and business people.

What a nation can do is determined by law. For example, the current Ego government has taken over the isolationism law from the Shogunate and cannot trade with other countries. This expresses the Do Shogunate’s isolation policy.

The revision of the law succeeds with a certain probability after a long discussion from the proposal of the new bill. The more people who support the bill, the higher the success rate, the more opposed the opposition, and the worst case will lead to the civil war.

First, we decided to enact the wealthy voting law, which gives ventilated people to vote to stabilize the administration by increasing the influence of business people.

Businessmen who benefit from this law agree with the bill, but on the contrary, political powers that lose profits are opposite. The landowner insisted on a landowner voting, which gave the land with land, and began opposing a leader with a skilled politician.

National defense is also an urgent need. The current Ego government has no army-like army, and in this case it will be destroyed by the Do Shogunate like the historical Ego Republic. So I decided to approach Russia and enter under its protection. It is a difficult decision.

At that time, Russia was a northern country that also owns Alaska. If the power Russia glances, the shogunate will not be able to get it easily.

There is another reason for approaching Russia. It is an economic issue. There were few products in the Ego market separated from Japan, and in situations where trade could not be trade due to isolation policy, there was a limit to self-sufficiency.

With Russian protection, the Russian market was released and became free to trade. The country has been realized earlier than Perry’s arrival.

Meanwhile, the law for wealthy voting was enacted. The landowner continued to do the opposition, but the intelligent class, which rapidly expanded his power, supported the reform. The Ego government has incorporated Intelligent ha into the administration.

In the Ego administration’s first parliamentary election, landowners lost their strength as planned. This is the result of limited voting rights to wealthy.

However, at this time, the budget deficit was rapidly expanding. The direct cause was a port built to trade with Russia, but its construction costs exceeded expectations. Since the opening of the country, expensive industrial products have been flowing from Russia. Perhaps the price of the materials used for construction was soaring.

The Ego government, influenced by Intelligent ha, who is familiar with the western circumstances, is now ready to abolish the monarchy. It is a transition to a republic. Although the first success judgment failed, there were events where the current state of the state was blundered. The next success rate has jumped.

In addition, we will receive nice news to the Ego government just before bankruptcy. A gold mine was discovered.

Before the gold rush, the farmers changed jobs to mining workers, and the exercise of the landowner turned down one day. Although the cost of the mining was continued, the financing continued thanks to the production of gold, and the worst situation of bankruptcy was spoiled.

Finally, the law of the Presidential Republic was established. The genuine Ego Republic has been born. A number of policies, such as abolition of agricultural slugs, freedom of rally, and women’s rights, have been discussed in the Republic of the West, which incorporates Western modern ideas.

It has been only three years since the game started so far. In Japan, the Do Shogunate continued to have an old-fashioned policy. However, the future of Ego Republic is not rose. The trends of the Do Shogunate, which are promoting the South Policy Russia, and the Ego Republic, will not be predicted.

What kind of development will the end of the world in this world show? How will the history 100 years later change? You can also create your own modern history in Victoria 3.

Grand Strategy’s work depicting modern history mainly in economy and politics

This work is a grand strategy work that depicts modern history centered on economy and politics, set in the whole world. The real nation is reproduced with the historical situation at the time, so if you have a thought in the history of this era, you can enjoy it more.

The economy and political systems are somewhat complicated, and you may have the impression that it is difficult to get on at first. To find out the cause of the problem in your country and find a solution, you need to get used to it and trial and error. However, trial and error process is also a great attraction of this work .

It is a recommended work for those who like the Grand Strategy and those who like the Victorian Dynasty.