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Dungeons & Dragons: Tiamat obtains an adorable plush of Wizkids

The five -headed goddess of chromatic dragons comes to hug you through a new and adorable stuffed animal. Today early, Wizkids revealed a new 16 –inch Tiamat stuffed teddy, which reinterprets the famous queen of chaos as an adorable creature with open eyes. The new stuffed animal is the last of the Phunny Plush By Kidrobot series and will launch this November. This marks the largest Phunny Plush to date, since the previous stuffed animals (which included a Beholder, a Mimic and a Beast Displace) were all 7 -inch stuffed animals. No public sale price has been announced for Tiamat stuffed animal. You can see the teddy below:

Tiamat is one of calabozos y Dragones’ better known villains. The alleged creator of chromatic dragons, Tiamat appears typically as a huge five -headed dragon, with a head that represents each type of chromatic dragon. Tiamat is currently trapped in the first level of the nine hells, known as Avernus, and her cult tries to find ways to bring her back to the material plane. Tiamat was the first antagonist to appear in a dungoons & dragons fifth edition adventure and appeared more recently in the 2019 adventure Descense to the Averno. The famous player character of actor Joe Manganiello, Arkhan el Cruel In that adventure trying to help the dragon goddess to return to the material plane.

Gargantuan Tiamat - WizKids D&D Icons of the Realms Prepainted Minis
Tiamat could appear later this year, since Dragonlance’s next adventure, Shadows of the Dragon Queen, also refers to an aspect of Tiamat. It is assumed that Takhisis, the evil dragon goddess and the main antagonist of Dragonlance’s novels, is another aspect of Tiamat.

Tiamat is also a recurring antagonist in the 1980s. Wizkids also recently produced a great table figure that presents the dragon goddess in all the five -headed splendor of her.