Disney announces price increase for streaming service

In recent days it has been announced that some streaming services have had problems because the profits do not equal production expenses, and among the most prominent names is Disney Plus. Announcing that they will have some adjustments in their charges, in addition to adding commercials to be a profitable platform.

From December 8 in the United States, the service with advertising will cost $ 7.99 per month, this is the current price but without commercial pauses. On the other hand, the Disney+ price without advertising will increase 38% to $ 10.99 , specifically there will be three more dollars, monetary figure that may not do so much damage to the economy of the target audience.

Price increases reflect the growing operational loss of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, losing $ 1.1 billion in the third fiscal quarter, $ 300 million more than the average estimate of analysts, which reflects the largest Cost of content in services.

The increase in operational loss occurred even when Disney added around 15 million new subscribers in their main service in the quarter, 5 million more than analysts estimated. These types of settings will also be applied to the different combos, although everyone will have advertisements just that it is chosen to pay more.

For now, no price increase has been confirmed in Latam, but we may have some notification later.