Dortmund after the draw in Cologne: Rose and the Running Gag

The answer was almost amused. “I like to play the game,” Marco Rose said after the foreseeable question, whether it was really final and ultimativ with the master fight for Borussia Dortmund after the Remis in Cologne. Finally, the distance to Rank 1 and Bavaria Munich grew to six points again.

Tough Draw for BVB in Cologne! | Köln - Dortmund 1-1 | All Goals | Matchday 27 – Bundesliga 2021/22
“We lose a game, then it’s tackled again. Then we win a game and the Bayern stumble, then the question will be asked again,” Rose sums up the past weeks and months: “That’s a Running Gag ” Internally, the view was never so pleading as he may become in public at the view of the Bundesliga table when the BVB is the last straw for an exciting title end spurt – or was optional.

We did not proclaim the master fight.

Sebastian Kehl

“We would like to have won and made it exciting as long as possible, but we were able to assess our opportunities realistically,” also finds the future sports director Sebastian Kehl: “We did not proclaim the master fight.” And that was not lost in the intense draw in Cologne, but most likely last December when Bayern won in direct duel and could pull away until Christmas.

In the atmospheric game in the late Sunday, BVB had to be satisfied with a powerful point against unpleasant hosts, especially in view of the Cologne printing phase over large parts of the first half. “The second half was then balanced, the clearer game options we had in the end,” Kehl was: “But Cologne has deserved that, they have fought very well-sacrificed.” His team have “after an English week” again really what out what they wanted to try everything “.

Kehl also looks other stimulus points

And the balance sheet with seven points from three games is satisfactory in view of the personnel problems – even if in the end the only draw was. With the larger points pad up and down, Kehl is also concerned with other aspects as a stimulus: “To become a reunited goal is a rewarding goal. And the distance to enlarge and not to make it look so brutally, would be quite good. “