EM 2022: DFB ladies waves record reward

16 to 331

It is an excellent outcome that the team council concurred with the DFB, claimed Voss-Tecklenburg, and generally a favorable growth. discuss..

The team council of the group of nationwide instructor Martina Voss-Tecklenburg has worked out a really effective premium guideline for the event The final entry would certainly currently be compensated with 30,000 euros per gamer, 20,000 euros are estimated for the semi-finals as well as 10,000 euros will be released for the quarter-finals per gamer.

Germany was already in the final eight times, won the title eight times and also is therefore a record European champion. Is the ninth European Championship title included 2022? This would certainly pay off economically for the DFB choice. Every gamer of the 23-member EM squad would get 60,000 euros in case of the title win, as the DFB announced-a record reward. For contrast: In 2017 there would certainly have been 37,500 euros for success.

The UEFA distributes a total of 16 million euros in premiums at the 2022 women’s European Championship, which feels small contrasted to the men in 2021: there was a total of 331 million euros.