Naruto Spin-Off Starring Sasuke And Sakura Announced

Although it is no longer as popular as before, the world of Naruto continues to give what to talk about manga publications as Spin Off this we saw recently with new adventures of the teacher Gas and even Takashi.


However, the story that caught the most attention was one of Leisure and Sakura, which would now have its anime adaptation.
The plot puts us as a prelude to a disease that whips Naruto, so his friends of team 7 will have to start a trip to cure him.
The new anime episodes will begin in January and are titled Leisure Retsuden-Secret Basement, obviously, the animation of the Pierrot study, which has always worked in the saga.

Leisure return anime arc 2023 provisional episode titles:

-Episode 284: Leisure Return ・ Secret Basement (サスケ 烈 伝 ・ の 秘密) [1/22]

-Episode 285: Leisure Return ・ Sky Descending to Earth (サスケ 伝 ・ 地 に 降り し 空) [1/29]
This is the description of the episode:
China Leisure addresses an astronomical observatory, far from the Terra del Fuel.
There, it synchronizes with Sakura, and together they immerse themselves in a covert investigation in search of traces of the sage of the six roads!
They discover a plan that goes beyond life or death, and a battle that will test this team of husband and wife until death separates them.
Remember that the episodes arrive in Japan and subsequently launched in American media.
Via: Comic book
Editor’s note: After the disaster that is being Boru to, with these stories the creator of the work is fully redeemed.
Hopefully then let’s see something with Hikaru as the protagonist.


Two Point Hospital Tips

Part of the leadership of the Two Point hospital

Our leadership will provide some of the most useful tips for Two Point Hospital and give you some frequently overlooked, but useful information that guarantees that you will run a promising hospital as soon as possible.

Tips for Beginners on Two Point Hospital

For a game that sets you such a large-scale task as finding out how to manage several hospitals, management elements are certainly easier than you expect.

Nevertheless, there are many more that new players can miss, and to help them in the first few days in the game, here is our leadership for beginners.

Many players may not know which approach to choose for their hospital, which means that soon they will be in a difficult battle.

To make sure you got up from the right leg, pay attention to our tips and recommendations that are intended for this purpose. Let’s continue and see how to control the hospital.

Opening the hospital

At the beginning of the game, make sure that you have toilets, a staff room, a stand of registration and a general practitioner’s office. Be sure to decompose them in such a way that you can subsequently expand your hospital.

After that, you need to hire an assistant to a doctor and a janitor. The presence of all these foundations will allow you to act much slower and avoid hasty decisions.


Make sure that you have enough amenities, as they will help increase the rank of your hospital and provide a higher level of satisfaction with your patients.

Try to have several benches so that your patients can sit together with several garbage tanks to avoid accumulation of garbage on the floor and around the hospital.

Also, do not forget to add snack machines, leaflets and plants.

Especially you need to have vending machines. While your patients are in the hospital, they will ultimately get hungry and/or want to drink.

The presence of convenient vending machines will allow patients to get food, even if they stand in line to the doctor.

Use kudosh correctly

Kudosh is a currency that allows you to buy the best items from the list. You can spend Kudosh to unlock objects that are currently blocked.

These items are good in that you allow you to significantly increase your rating, and also guarantee that your disposal will be the best personnel.

Calls and Prestige

Make sure you are ready to solve problems as they occur. It can be something like emergency medical care or your employees who ask you to do something too persistently.

These challenges are good in that you can earn kudosh or earn on them along with an increase in reputation.

You may fail that it will be adversely, but the advantage is large enough for you to try as much as possible.

After you get Kudosh, increase the prestige of your hospital, using it to unlock posters and paintings. This will make the hospital more beautiful and attractive to patients.

expand accordingly

Although you may have a temptation to expand your room as soon as you have money, think if you need this place at the moment.

It makes no sense to build additional rooms that remain empty for most of the time, so make sure that you adhere to those rooms that you really need.

In addition, do not expand until you understand that you have no room for new rooms, since this money could be spent on better things elsewhere.

Follow the satisfaction of your patients and the reputation of the hospital

Each thing in your hospital will be constantly evaluated by each patient.

The better in the hospital treatment, purity, nutrition, etc., the more satisfied there will be patients.

This is an important mechanics in the game, because if your patients are very satisfied, this will increase their chances to recommend your hospital to a friend.

Satisfaction of patients and the reputation of your hospital go hand in hand, because it depends on how many new patients will come.

To improve your reputation, you can build new and modern offices and buildings; And finish all the tasks that your employees give you. You can also simply use a marketing strategy.

CULLOW THE new buildings correctly

As the game passes, the starting building will begin to crowded. At this stage, you will have to build new buildings.

At the same time, do not forget to use these buildings in such a way that they have a place for both treatment and diagnostics; Unlike one or another.

You also should not become too ambitious. Instead of simply building everything that is possible, and as soon as possible to fill out free space, start by creating things that you absolutely need; As an office of general practice, a reception room, a room for staff, toilets and a pharmacy.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is not to make a room unreasonably large.

Try to make the rooms minimal size when it is possible. Pay attention to the planning of the hospital before building rooms so that you can plan where the corridors will be.


Career goals

Look at the upper right corner of the game to see your career goals. This is an important element of the game on which you should concentrate when you can.

Fulfillment of career goals will increase your hospital rating, bring you Kudosh money and glasses, and will also open new items for you.

pause and fast rewinding forward

If the hospital begins to go crazy for you, you can just put everything on a pause and take a breath.

This will allow you to keep abreast of your messages, problems, tasks, etc., and you can carefully assess the situation in your hospital.

On the other hand, if everything goes very smoothly, you can speed up time and cope with patients much faster.

Pay attention to the situation in the hospital

Constantly monitor what is happening in your hospital to find out what you need to add or improve.

For example, if you see a group of patients standing outside of some rooms, put a few chairs outside so that they can sit. If you see that garbage accumulates on the floor, put several garbage tanks to remove it.

You can use the icons on the Information tab to see how things are with attractiveness, temperature and hygiene in your hospital. This will help you assess the situation in the hospital.

You must also follow your employees to find out if you need them again. If you see that some rooms are empty and cars or tables are not used, this means that it is time to hire new employees.

Another thing you need to do is monitor the needs of your staff using the staff menu. If a good employee is dissatisfied with his salary, you should think about raising him.

Put your employees in the right place

The game allows you to make your employees work in a certain area, and not roam it.

You can do this by opening the Jobs tab in the Staff menu. If your employee has a high qualification for a certain role, assign it to work in this particular area.

This will increase the reputation of the hospital, improving the statistics of diagnosis and treatment.

_ This is all regarding our leadership for beginners in the Two Point hospital. Let us know if you have something to add using the section of comments below! _

take loans

Do not hesitate to get a loan. Loans will help you improve your hospital by increasing your income. Having received a larger income, you can return the loan and expand your hospital, which will help the development of your hospital.


The satisfaction and health of your employees should be your priority. Healthy staff means great performance. Start from scratch, which means that you invest in the wipers and increase their endurance. With greater endurance, your employees will work more productively, which will lead to an increase in income.

Invest in equipment

This advice is very useful. Investments in your equipment will help you get high-quality equipment, which will also help you attract more patients. In addition to investment in new equipment, you can also serve your equipment. Hospital equipment may become obsolete and fail.

Equipment maintenance will save your money. Instead of purchasing new equipment each time, you can serve your equipment in a timely manner and save total costs.