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He is a daredevil: Kramer believes in Wimmer

No question, there were carefree phases in the career of Patrick Wimmer. For the first time since his change to the Bundesliga, the lively offensive player had to experience in recent weeks that the trees do not grow in the sky athletic. An in the literal sense of experience, which began with the Bielefeld 0: 1 home defeat against Augsburg at the beginning of March, when the opponent obviously assumed to pull the 20-year-old – not always healthy – hardness to pull the tooth, which finally succeeded. This was followed by a descent for Arminia’s top scorer (three goals, eight assists in the course of the season), with the unfortunate climax last Saturday against Stuttgart (1: 1). Only Wimmer caused a penalty with his handpage, which the VFB used to 0: 1. Then the game ran up to his replacement but more or less past him – Wimmer note: 4.5.

Kramer believes in his protégé

Wimmer’s trailer may associate anyone on Bielefelder side with developments around the player off the place. In recently, the Austrian seeped through that the Austrian, who has received an exit clause from his until 2025 contract at Arminia in the past year, has already agreed with the VfL Wolfsburg over a change to the new season.

Ironically, the Bielefelder must compete in the relegation battle at the also endangered Lower Saxony. Spicy question: Will Wimmer perhaps a little direction 2nd league, by meeting his future club? “He’s a daredevil, he does not have a head,” the Bielefelder coach Frank Kramer is sure to be able to trust in a mental freely recreational protégé. The fauxpas in the game against Stuttgart did not eventually be transported from the railway. “He has never gone to Dribbling. That will not knock him out.”

“Certain impermity” is important

In recent games, it will also be wimmers to help the club, which served him in Germany as a springboard, the best possible way. According to Kramer especially important: precision, clarity and “The certain impudence that the Patrick also has”. Especially in the last third and in front of the gate, “where the enemy print is greatest”. Of the coach realization: “To play it clearly and clean there is the heaviest discipline in football at this level.” Wimmer has already proven several times that he masters them.