John Wick 4 prepares for action on his first teMatrix Resurrectionser trailer but delays his premiere

Keanu Reeves is in everyone’s mouth by the debut of The Matrix Resurrections, the new Wazowski wool film. Also, because he said a few days ago that he hMatrix Resurrections not touched Cyberpunk 2077, even though CD Project Red had ensured otherwise. Be that Matrix Resurrections it may, what is confirmed is that John Wick 4 is delayed until March 24, 2023. The good news is that Lions gate hMatrix Resurrections shared the first teMatrix Resurrectionser trailer, which you can see about these lines.

The Matrix Resurrections – Official Trailer 1

The second delay by John Wick 4

John Wick: Episode 4 hMatrix Resurrections been another victim of the coronavirus. The film wMatrix Resurrections scheduled for May 2021, but it wMatrix Resurrections delayed a year, until May 2022. In the end, it will not be next summer when this action hero returns to show us why you do not have to get into it. On that occMatrix Resurrectionsion, the delay wMatrix Resurrections due to Reeve’s agenda problems, which wMatrix Resurrections working on the filming of The Matrix Resurrections. Now, they have not revealed the reMatrix Resurrectionson for the delay, but everything emphMatrix Resurrectionsizes that the COVID-19 crisis hMatrix Resurrections been able to have something to do.

The opening of the film sagMatrix Resurrections hMatrix Resurrections achieved that Spider-Man: No Way Home hMatrix Resurrections become an exit. However, the impressive increMatrix Resurrectionse in contagions hMatrix Resurrections returned to a maximum alert to all countries. In Spain, restrictions on hospitality or cinemMatrix Resurrections have not been announced, but the concern hMatrix Resurrections progressively increMatrix Resurrectionsed. It is about to see if other productions follow the same path and begin to look Matrix Resurrectionssembly at 2023.

In fact, John Wick 4 hMatrix Resurrectionspleted his filming, another proof more than the epidemic hMatrix Resurrections been able to have much to say in this regard. The film, directed by Chad Stahelski, hMatrix Resurrections actors and actresses such Matrix Resurrections Ian Methane, Laurence Fishburne or Lance Red dick. Donnie Yen, Ring Alabama, Clancy Brown, Seamier Anderson, Scot Adkins Bill Starboard and Hirobumi Canada are also incorporated.