Log Wave, Kniques W

Rogue Wave Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Dong -hyun), a game developer, will be recruiting pre -booking users for the formal service of the domestic service of the mobile MMORPG ‘Yeolgangho W’, which is developed and prepared for its own service, from April 25 to May. It was officially revealed.

There are three types of pre -booking events, and first of all, the first stage is to enter the user’s information in the ‘Public Preliminary Reservation Pre -Reservation’ and click the ‘Pre -Book’ button to complete the procedure. The company pays all the users of the user, a game item ‘Hwaryongdo Gift’, which will provide great help in the early days, and 300 people are Starbucks Americano Giftcon, 500 GS25 Mobile Gift Certificates, and 2,000 Vita 500 for Vita 500 Gift cone is presented.

Secondly, the ‘Public Invitation Event’ will meet the conditions of participation when a friend or acquaintance who delivered the first URL is to meet the pre -booking. The invitation delivers 50,000 won of Google Play Gift Card. For more than 10 users, we will deliver the BBQ Golden Olive Chicken Set by adding gratitude.

The third “Kang Ho -yeo, respond to the call of Hwaryongdo” is a way to pay 100% of the prizes to all preliminary reservation users when the target level is achieved. If you break through the 500,000 pre -booking applicants, you will receive a “Shiny Dragon Box” and additionally recorded 100,000, 300,000, and 500,000 counts.

The user delivers 100,000 won of Google Play Gift Card. In addition, one of the users will be drawn separately to present the “Hot Blood Limited Limited Edition Figures”, which contains the autograph of the enthusiastic artists.

The pre -blooded river W, which started pre -booking from today, is based on the powerful fandom of the classic comic ‘Old -Blood Ho’, which has been serialized for 28 years since its first episode in May 1994, and the game characteristics of the classic MMO genre are highly completed mobile games. It is characterized by the reproduction.

Above all, the key is to expand the storyline of the original comics focused only on the main characters and the main character. The user encounters a strange ties facing the “parallel universe” that transcends time and space during the original scenario, and has to go through the original story of the enthusiastic Kangho W, which was not seen in the original.

In addition, the classic MMORPG system, such as the characteristic characters appearing in the heat -blooded steel system, and the composition of the alliance against Shinji, such as a dynamic story that provides joy and inspiration in comics, etc. It is planned to be delivered to the people.

Wave Planning
The Log Wave Hot Blood Ho -U Development Team is a studio founded for the development of MMORPG, which was founded by the core developers who participated in the development of Lineage M, Blade & Soul, 2, and Changcheon Development. Representative Kim Dong -hyun is in charge of producing.

In April 2020, we signed a license license agreement with Tygon Mobile, a subsidiary of Longtu Korea, an IP mobile game business owner. It is expected to be the best work in all aspects of the world’s worldview and the volume of the project.

As a result, Tigon Mobile, a hot -blooded IP mobile game business owner, will also cooperate with the support and resources for the successful launch so that the hot -blooded Kangho W can be imprinted on users as a stable and competitive game.

Meanwhile, Rogue Wave will start recruiting testers ahead of the “Closed Beta Test” scheduled for early May. Users who wish to participate in the pre -experience and testing of the hot blood Kangho W can be applied through the Advancement Preliminary Reservation page.