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The second lottery of Yu -Gi -Oh! Will be released in late January 2023! Your Yugi and Bramagi Masters brother become a figure

Bandai Spirits announced in late January 2023 that it will release Ichiban Kuji Yu-Gi-Oh Series Vol.2. The price is 800 yen (tax included) each time.

The first lottery this time is the second installment following the Ichiban Kuji Yu-Gi-Oh Series released in December 2021. In the first installment, in addition to the main character Yagyu and Kaiba Seto, the popular monster Blue Eye White Dragon was made into a figure.

In the latest second installment, in addition to the Yakuyuri, the ace monster Black Magician and Black Magician Girl will appear. In addition, goods such as visual sheets and tumblers are also added to the lineup.

The list of products is as follows.

・ Award WORLDLISE Yazuyugo
・ B Prize Black Magician Figure
・ C Prize Black Magician Girl Figure
・ D prize visual seat
・ E prize Mini Figure Collection
・ F prize tumbler
・ G prize clear file set
・ H prize metallic colored paper
・ Last One Award Black ・ Magician Figure Last One Color Ver.
・ Double chance campaign WORLDLISE