DFB writes 30.9 million euros in loss

According to information, the shortage, which treasurer Stephan Grunewald provides to the colleague, will include up to a massive 30.9 million euros.
These are significant numbers for the association.
Grunewald had actually already revealed a minus in the double-digit million variety weeks ago.
Even intimate lovers surprises that there will be more than 30 million.
The deficiency happens whether the constant differences with the tax authorities.

mistakenly billed ceremony, a tax treatment and gang advertising

Since operative, the DFB would even have shown a complete plus with 18.4 million.
Nevertheless, provisions problem the result: EUR 3.1 million due to incorrectly billed event, 16.8 million due to a tax procedure for the name and logo rights in the Adidas sponsoring and a whopping 30.9 million because of the
Impending discretion for the years 2014 and 2015. The concern is whether the association might have reserved the income from gang marketing in tax-free wealth management.
Internally, there are stated to have various views.
And the tax private investigators see it differently.
A raid took location in October 2020, although the DFB had already paid the lost taxes of EUR 4.7 million.
The public district attorney obviously presumes an intention of the management at that time.
The procedures versus ex-general secretary Dr.
Friedrich Curtis and ex-President Reinhard Grinder were terminated for a money requirement.
Only Grunewald’s predecessor, Dr.
Stephan Osnabrück did not accept the mindset.
In the worst case, this might cost the DFB 30.9 million euros.
In January 2021, the DFB also specified in the Adidas treatment that as a safety measure a post-registration was made on the basis of an optimum view to the tax office.
The DFB proactively reported the concern of entertainment to the authorities.
So the multi-million dollar arrangements are just about punishments and the termination of the non-profit organization for an association, the very own task of which is the non-profit promo of football.

a compensation of as much as 25 million euros is possible

In any case, Grunewald can not be coveted, he now has to teach the public the shocking numbers for which its predecessors are accountable.
When he revealed the necessary arrangements a few weeks ago, the new treasurer, like dfb tax attorney Dr.
Olaf LeisnerNevertheless
And: Whether the personal bankruptcy of the Frankfurt/Main public prosecutor in summer fairy tale affair, the association might hope for a compensation of as much as 25 million euros.
A corresponding suit at the Hessian Finance Court in Kassel is pending.
In addition to the arrangements mentioned, another tax matter is continuing the balance sheet: the matter of complimentary and honorary cards.
The Federal Central Tax Workplace has actually criticized the allocation of it.
Grunewald announced in July that the DFB likewise needed to make arrangements for this.

Now the size is clear: 4.15 million euros.


The talks with the authorities are still ongoing.
Ex-President Fritz Keller in specific had consistently put his finger in the tax injury internally.
After the raid in October 2020, two fronts formed: Selling Keller versus the long-established Osnabrück, Curtis and Dr.
Trainer Koch.
None from the quartet is more part of the DFB, which has been a brand-new president with Bernd Bettendorf considering that March 2022.
In addition to the concrete sporty crisis that the World Cup out, the SPD political leader will now have to afflict with the polluted sites at the current.
Especially since the association still did not bring any light into the affair around the lavishly honored media specialist Kurt Riemann, who was apparently the trigger in the power struggle in between the cook and the basement and the other.