Intel, presenting the future of healthcare based on innovation technology

Intel announced on the 11th that Providence Healthcare Organization has produced an immersive video using Intel technology for remote education for medical professionals. Medical professionals produce 3D videos for rehabilitation learning for patients based on immersive videos provided by Providence and share them with smartphone apps.

Providence installs 20 Intel-Sensing Camera at the Providence Office Park located in Portland, Michigan, and captures a 360-degree operation known as Volumetric Capture. The video file recorded on each camera is then transmitted to a computer equipped with the Intel® Leon® Leon® processor and converts billions of pixels into an immersive 3D virtual environment. The user can check the video recorded on the camera at almost every angle through the virtual environment.

Providence expects to reduce costs, improve career’s experience, and improve patient health by automating patient learning with immersive experience. Based on 3D rehabilitation images, the patient no longer needs to rely on paper prints, 2D images, or sketches of caregivers. In addition, the video can be shared to patients in 51 hospitals recorded in the medical system.

Darcy Hall, chief talented manager, said, This case is not only suggesting the future of innovative education for medical professionals, but also shows that this innovation can be provided to community members and patients.