Dungeon Farmland Game “Kuchen no Ampoule” Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox ONE version announced, February 3 delivery. Free distribution of the previous work “Wataru Organ” is also underway

Our Active Gaming Media Publishing Brand PLAY ISM announced Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One version of Dungeon Farmland Rogue Light game Kuchen no Ampule , who worked on January 23, Indie Game Development Team Warehouse. February 3 delivery schedule, price is 1980 yen (tax included). A 10% off launch sale is also performed.

Such no Ampule is a work developed in the concept of growing dungeons that change every time as farmland. The main character is the new rice alchemist’s Celebrate. She died of her mother she shakes her sadness and wants to hold a shop and purchase a used dungeon who was cheap her cheap. She collects alchemy items and earns opened for opening. But because it was a cheap property, wild enemies are bred in the dungeon. In addition, the duvet and the dead body of a strange man were waiting for the duvet. It is the beginning of the accident dungeon murder case.

In this work, the player dive in the dungeon and collects items at each floor. The dungeon is composed of automatic generation and changes each time you visit. In the battle with the enemy, if Irene moves 1 square, the enemy is also a specification that moves one square, and it is possible to attack and move in eight directions vertically and horizontally. Remember the skills and strengthen the Irene. Skills that can be learned can be equipped with more than 100 types of aggression, recovery, attribute strengthening, and convenient item operation. Even to acquire skills, items collected in the dungeon are required.

The dungeon has a farm level that increases the obtained item and a magic level that increases the magic, and can be uploaded by collecting the required number of items available in the dungeon. And if you raise the level to the maximum, you can agriculture. The floating floor is a lot of items that have many items, and the player is completely a convenient paradise. Collect items on each floor of the dungeon and make it more and more efficient to the capture and make it easier.

Warehouse, which works on this work, is also known to work with the colored work Yataro Organ that you click to grade and harvest them. We share the view of the world with Kuchen no Impure, and Irenene also appeared as the master. This work drawn a story that retrospects for about 10 years. In addition, the character of this work corresponds to the full voice, and the main character Inline is in charge of Size, voice actor.

The Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One version of Kuchen no Ampule is scheduled for February 3rd. Nintendo E shop and Microsoft Store have started reservations from today.

In addition, in commemoration of the console version release decision of this work, free distribution of the Yataro Organ iOS / Android version of the above-mentioned above is currently underway. During the distribution period, the iOS version is until 23:59 for January 30, and the Android version is up to 8:59 January 31. Let’s get this opportunity.