Final fantasy xiv

Lol: the amazing numbers of flakked this weekend that make it a beast to beat

This weekend was carried out last phase of playoffs before the grand final in which VITITY, G2 ESPORTS and MISFITS faced with them with the aim of giving the bell in the split of Spring of the LEC. While at first it seemed that it was going to be an open war with exciting matches, everything stayed at a monologue by G2 Esports devastating the two French teams as a result of a manual league of legends and a clear protagonist in the six games Play: Victor “ Flakked ” Lirola.

an outstanding weekend for flakked

The first series In front of Vitality it seemed that it was going to be tremendously difficult knowing the superequipment that the French club had in his hands. However, flakked knew the nerves in the three games played and completely denied the game of Carzzy and Labrov with the help of a monumental Targamas. The numbers in this series were absurdly good:


  • KDA: 36 – Best of the whole series
  • Player with more murders: 5.7 on average per game
  • Less deaths: He only died once in the whole series
  • Up to 10 subjects and more than 500 gold won per minute
  • Almost a 80% participation in the murders of the equipment
  • More than one 35% of the total G2 damage was yours; 756 DPM.

the king of the botlane with targamamas as his faithful squire

While Vitality was a real sangria in favor of the ocelot, it was missing the weekend with a clean victory over misfits , which stood as one of the great surprises of the whole tournament. It is here when Flakked said again “no” to the dreams of rabbits, razing in the three games and leaving some numbers worthy of a World Cup:

  • Perfect KDA (0/19/20)
  • Player with more murders: 6.3 on average
  • Not a single death throughout the series
  • Up to 10.4 subjects and more than 510 gold won per minute
  • Up to 34% of G2’s total damage was yours; 799 DPM.

The next confrontation will be again against fnatic , a completely historical series in which Flakked can be redeemless from the decaffeinated series of last week in front of them. That yes, this time the G2 are plugged up after winning six games followed, while FNATIC comes from receiving a Rogue comeback that seemed impossible.