2022 Traha Infiniti, February 9 restricted

[Data provided: MOA Games]

\ – Large Mobile MMORPG February 9

\ – Foreign the use of the user and the infinite growth in the infinite growth.

Moat Games announced today (25th) today (25th) that Mobile MMORPG <Tr aha Infinite, which is being developed by Ma.

The online showcase is a mobile game that discloses the core and details of the game and the great interest of the game, and the great interest in is a mobile game that focuses on the essential growth of the essential system and MMORPG.

Based on 200 years of 200 years of <Tr aha, we can experience the high expectations of the users, which are familiar and fresh and fun, I am attracting.

Users are showing high interest in the Mobile environment to enjoy MMORPG in a mobile environment through various conveniences of . In particular, the ‘Soulmate’ system, which is an asynchronous party system, has been a key element of ‘mobile convenience’, which will relieve the stress for party matching, and it is anticipated that you can enjoy strategic and efficient parties.

In the first half of 2022 in the first half of 2022, <Trachea Infinite, which is expected to be in the first half of 202, is to set up a schedule on February 9, and to prepare for a full-fledged release. Diverse events are available through various events through various events, and Samsung Galaxy Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Burn Pro and Shingle Department Store 100,000 won.

Moat Games Lee, Chancel, Tr aha Infinite, who expects many people, said February 9, he said. I would like to launch a game to launch a game that’s satisfied.