WOW WOTLK Classic: era server for TBC, phases, pre-patch

Since 19 April 2022 WOW: Dragonflight and Wrath of the Lich King Classic have been announced, numerous interview appointments took place with Blizzard developers in which a lot of additional details came to light. We herself had the opportunity to talk with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas on Dragon Islands, Dragon Class and Dragon Riding .

New info nuggets to Wotlk Classic

In fact, most interviews turn around DragonFlight. An author of Wowhead also had the opportunity to talk to Patrick Dawson (Production Director) and Tim Jones (Technical Designer) from the Classic team about Wotlk Classic. In the following, we summarize you the most important new findings:

  • Unlike the transition from WoW Classic to TBC Classic, there will be no era servers for Burning Crusade when transitioning TBC Classic to Wotlk Classic . Maybe this will follow at a later date.
  • It will definitely give a more season of the championship for Classic .
  • There are currently no plans for the service people and fraction change. You want to continue watching the player feedback here.
  • There are currently no plans to cancel the restrictions for PVP servers with WotLK Classic (ie that at the same time you can have a Horde and Alliance character on a PVP server, Patch 3.2 occurred at that time.
  • What the class balance in Wotlk Classic is concerned is patch 3.3.5 the scale , to which the developers hold. This does not have to be the case for systems and features.
  • With Wotlk Classic players in PVP play an individual rating instead of a team rating . So you can freely change your teammates for the arena.
  • The pre-patch phase of Wotlk Classic should be at least two, maximum for six weeks. Currently, the tendency is three to four weeks.

These are the phases of Wotlk Classic

According to Tim Jones, the content phases of Wotlk Classic could fail as follows:

  • Pre-patch event (two to six weeks)
  • Phase 1: Release from Wotlk Classic
  • Activation of the first RAID instances Naxxramas, Eye of Eternity, ObsidentianSanktum (about a week after release)
  • Phase 2: Ulduar
  • Phase 3: Checking the Crusader, Argent Tournament

  • Phase 4: Ice Crown Citadel
  • Phase 5: RubinSanktum

Classic WOTLK Officially Announced....Questionable Changes!!

Our Overview to WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic can be found here . In addition, we have already summarized which Differences exist between Wotlk from 2008 and Wotlk Classic from 2022 .

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