How to turn Floutt into Florges into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fleet is a fabulous type Pokémon, first presented in X & Y. This is also one of the few species that do not evolve, increasing their level. Here’s how to turn Float into Flores into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Evolution Guide to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Fleet will turn into a flora only if you give her a brilliant sh1. This evolutionary stone cannot be bought at Deli bird Presents, unlike fire and water stones.

where to get a brilliant stone in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There are many ways to get a brilliant stone in the game, but the easiest is to catch 150 Pokémon. After you do this, open the Pokédex and click X to get your awards. You should receive a special item every 10–25 successful captures, and a brilliant stone is one of them.


Shiny stones can also be found around the southern province (six zone). Check the things that sparkle on the ground. Because if you are lucky, it can be a brilliant stone! Speaking of luck, you can also check the auction passage in the port of the marinade. Sometimes the merchant sells them wholesale at a bargain price. The assortment in Porto Marinade changes every day in real time, so be sure to visit it daily.

Finally, there is a raid term. Evolutionary stones sometimes fall out during the successful raid of There. Those that fall out are random, but they appear the more often, the higher the star rating of the raid. To gain access to more complex raids of There, go through the storyline Victory Road.

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