Nagelsmann reacts to Magath

Felix Magath could not see the game of FC Bayern in Mainz, he himself was on the sidelines in Bielefeld and missed the early relegation in 1-1.

His Berliners will have everything in his own hands again in the coming week, but would not complain about shooting aid from Munich, where VfB Stuttgart is guests.

The Story Of Julian Nagelsmann - From Youth Player To Star Coach

A week in advance, Magath sent a clear message to his ex-club, with which he had once won the double: “The season goes until the last matchday. I don’t know why a team can then say: ‘No, we don’t end the season, we will stop three weeks in advance.’ That doesn’t serve the Bundesliga and not the competition. “

He should look at the game, then he can call me.

Julian Nagelsmann

When asked about this, Julian Nagelsmann replied after the 1: 3 at the FSV, for whom the game also did not have the greatest meaning: “Very cleverly from him. He won’t make that unselfishly, I appreciate. He should look at the game, then can then He calls me. I’m not talking about Hertha’s performance either. “