FC Schalke 04 To Keep Struggling Duo Despite Lack Of Interest From Other Clubs


FC Schalke 04 probably remains on 2 players who have actually currently figured out.

Clients for the duo are not in sight.
With Timothée Kolodziejczak and Passim Louella, 2 gamers are currently in the contingent of FC Schalke 04, who will probably have no future under head coach Thomas Was.
Midfielder Louella only returned from Finland throughout the winter break, where he was lent to HJK Helsinki and even played in the Europa League.
At the Finns, he remained in demand with 30 competitive gamers.
The fact that he goes out once again in the Schalke midfield beyond the status of an extra gamer is almost impossible.

FC Schalke 04: Duo doesn’t matter any more

Louella finished in February 2021 2 years earlier. After the Schalke descent, he had actually currently played his last Bundesliga mission as a loan for FC Ingolstadt.
Up to now, Timothée Kolodziejczak shows up for the Gelsenkirchen in the present Bundesliga season.
The Frenchman’s contract likewise ends in the summer of 2023, along with Louella, it ought to really be fired up until the end of January.

dark views for FC Schalke 04

As Sky reporter Dirk Grove Schliemann reported on Wednesday, the duo will at first continue to participate in group training without having potential customers for large operations.
Schalke no longer counts on a solution that there is presently no negotiations in relation to Louella and/or Kolodziejczak wrote Grove Schliemann on Twitter.
Considering that the transfer market remains open in some countries, there might be a modification option.
For instance, the transfer duration in Austria runs until February 6th, in Turkey there are even alter until February 8th and even in Switzerland till February 15th.