FIFA 23 – RTTK: All Road To the Knockouts players and how will increase their assessment

Electronic Arts developers do not want to disappoint the community with the premiere of FIFA 23 and are pulling their old weapons to try to seduce players with Ultimate Team events. Having launched the To Watch collection, from the company they have opted for the return of RTT . These acronyms, for which a good part of the community knows the event, refer to Road to the Knockouts or on the way to the qualifiers. The idea is simple, introduce a set of players who participate in European competitions and can increase their valuation based on the performance of their clubs in the real world.

All Road To the Knockouts players (RTTK or on the way to the qualifiers)

As usual, the RTTK collection is now available in envelopes and will remain in the game until next Friday, October 14 at 18:59, when it will be replaced by a new event. It is important to keep in mind that, although the letters of Road to the Knockouts can still improve based on the performance of soccer players in the real world, all the players that appear in it already arrive with a small increase in valuation . The importance of improvement depends on whatever the initial score of the players, being lower in those who already exceeded 85 points.

These are All players who are part of Road To the Knockouts (RTTK) team. Prepare because the list is particularly long.

  • Messi-Ed: 92 (PSG, Argentina)
  • Muller-Mco: 88 (Bavaria, Germany)
  • Aubameyan-DC: 89 (Chelsea, Gabon)
  • Fomented: 88 (Man. City, England)
  • Valverde-MC: 87 (Real Madrid, Uruguay)
  • Süle-DFC: 87 (Borussia Dortmund, Germany)
  • Schick-DC: 87 (Bavaria 04, Germany)
  • Bremer-DFC: 86 (Juventus, Brazil)
  • LEMAR-MC: 86 (Atlético de Madrid, France)

* Raphinha-Ed: 86 (Barça, Brazil)
* Konaté-DFC: 85 (Liverpool, France)
* Kulusevski-Ed: 85 (Spurs, Sweden) | Available by SBC
* Gosens-CAI: 84 (Inter, Germany) | Available by objectives
* Rambo Anguissa-MCD: 84 (Naomi, Cameroon)
* Odegaard-Mco: 86 (Arsenal, Norway)
* Terrier-EI: 85 (Pennies, France)
* Wan-Bissaka-LD: 84 (Man. United, England)
* Simon-Mi: 82 (Nantes, Nigeria)
* Gerard Moreno-DC: 87 (Villarreal, Spain)
* Lucas Paquetá-Mco: 85 (West Ham, Brazil)
* Ionized: 83 (Florentina, Italy)

Thus will improve RTTK cards in FIFA 23

One of the reasons why the list of soccer players is so long is that Electronic Arts has run out of time to distribute the event in two weeks due to calendar changes in real football motivated by the next world championship. This is very important, since the letters of Road to the Knockouts modify its performance based on the results of the world real and, if not launching it, the developer was almost without holes.

There are two ways in which players can increase their valuation

SITE SUCCESS *: If the team belongs to the player passes from phase in the Champions League, Europa League or Conference League increases the player’s assessment automatically.
Next victories *: If the team belongs to the player wins two of his three games (Champions League and Conference) or four (Europa League) increases its assessment. There is a special case for Martin Regard that, due to the suspension of a previous game of the Arsenal, will have four opportunities to win the two games equivalent to an improvement.

To carry out the final clarification that you were all looking for: no, It is not necessary that any of the players be holders or even appear in the match to increase their assessment. In this sense, feel calm about possible rotations of coaches or unfortunate injuries. FIFA 23 takes into account choral performance for these individual improvements.