Seattle loses, draft chances improved

Philipp Grubauer, who will now travel to the World Cup in Finland with the DEB team, was represented in the octopus goal of number two Chris Driedger.

Due to the narrow defeat, Seattle remained behind the Philadelphia Flyers in the third last place in the NHL and thus has the third highest chances for the first election right after the bottom of Montreal (18.5 percent) and Arizona in the lottery for the Draft 2022 with 11.5 percent.

Steve Kornacki breaks down Flyers NHL Draft lottery odds | NBC Sports Philadelphia
As already in 2020/21, the winner of Art Ross Trophy is called Connor McDavid after the main round, which with 123 scorer points collected most of the league.
The Maurice Richard Trophy for the best goal scorer also went back to the previous year’s winner with Auston Matthews (60 goals).
The NHL starts in the Play-offs 2022 on Tuesday night.


Hogwarts Legacy shows a brief Gameplay Real before the State of Play

Hogwarts Legacy UPDATE 2022 (First Gameplay Footage + Release Date + State of Play)
Warner Bros. Games hPlay everything ready for the expected presentation of Hogwarts Legacy at night of this Thursday with the recently announced State of Play. Expectation is maximum, so it says its official trailer on the PlayStation channel with more than 28 million reproductions. Meanwhile, the official Twitter account of Avalanche Software, Subsidiary Study of the Development, hPlay shown this small clip just ten seconds with title gameplay .

A student at the nineteenth-century Hogwarts is the protagonist of this advance, which for the first time allows us to have an approximate idea of ​​what will be the graphic and artistic style of the video game.

Play a reminder, in Hogwarts Legacy we are not at the same time Play in Harry Potter’s films, but many years ago. We expect an extensive open-world role play in which we will control the action and we will drive the adventure where we want. Exploration, discovery of fantPlaytic animals, personalization of characters, learning spells, talent improvement… Become a magician or witch will depend on each one.

What do we know about the State of Play: All the information, date and how to see it online

The State of Play of Hogwarts Legacy is celebrated this Thursday, March 17 at 22:00 (Peninsular Schedule of Spain). The episode will lPlayt about 20 minutes and will have 14 minutes of pure Gameplay. We will see real images of the game captured in PlayStation 5; The rest of the footage will be comments from some of the members of the development team. To follow live the event we can connect directly to the official Twitch or YouTube account of PlayStation.

Hogwarts Legacy will arrive at the stores for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC at some point in 2022. Your official art book will do the same in September, chance?