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How to enter the Karian Educational Hall in Elden Ring

Carian Study Hall is one of the dungeons that players can find on the territory of Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lake. Although it is not so difficult to find it, unlock it is a slightly different story. The players will need to be as unlocking the area and turn it over to cross the region correctly.

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how to unlock the karyan training hall

To unlock the Karianth Educational Hall, players need to defeat the Rennal Full Moon at the Academy of Paradise Lukaria. As soon as players will win her, they will be able to find an empty altar immediately behind the sorcerer. For this altar, a certain item will be required to invert the Karian educational hall.

How to invert a karyan training hall

Players will need a Kariy inverted statue to put it on this altar. This will turn the training hall. To get this statue, players will need to fulfill a kind of quest. This quest has no name, as it is rather an order than anything else.

Go to the city of Nokron and acquire the killer blade of the fingers. Then go back to the early 1. They will give the player to the Karya inverted statue. Players can also choose the completion of the quest, if they wish, but there is no need to receive an inverted statue. Bring a statue to the altar and place it in order to flip the karyan educational hall and roam the area correctly.

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