Celebrate Valentines Day with Overwatch 2! New Dating Simulation Coming in Season 3

Anyone who is presently shopping can hardly ignore it.
Heart-shaped chocolate, chic set up chocolate boxes and an increasing number of bouquets expose: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.
Designer Blizzard was obviously a bit early by Armor’s arrow
The season 3 has actually been running in Overwatch 2 since February 7, in which the hero shooter becomes a dating simulation.


Heinz shoots Armor’s arrow.

Lover watch is called this and must begin on February 13th, undoubtedly a little better.

Then by the web client, players have the opportunity to go through a gaming experience with the 2 heroes Grace or Genii with a 30-minute text-based gaming experience.
Otherwise, you shoot your heroes over your stack, according to Blizzard, this is all about love.
Games receive support from archer Heinz, who looks like an amoral angel.
As soon as the secret end has actually been reached, there is an appropriate highlight.
The developer has not yet revealed what is concealed behind it and how romantic is the story that plays by choosing different dialogue choices.
Don’t fret: Of course you can continue to begin the familiar cards and play with the routine Heroes to win.
This is not entirely proper with the associates.
Because with the Antarctic there is a new map.
This will be playable in control mode and drives up with icy expanses, an icebreaker ship and an underground drilling station.