SC Prussias Last League Game: Looking Back On A Memorable Win Against SC Wiedenbrück

The last league video game of SC Prussia is currently on the day for precisely two months.
We look back briefly: On December 3, the team won 2-0 versus SC Wiedenbrück and-without sure at the moment-said bye-bye to the extended winter break.

Once again a month later on, on January 4, 2023, the eagle bearers came back to the start of the training from the break.
4 weeks of preparation and 4 test video games later on are now impending on Sunday, February 5, the re-start in the league.
And the start is right out: With Alemannic Aachen, the eagle carriers get the third in the table on Hammer Stress, a week later on the away trip to the 2nd Playback II.
The focus is at first on the traditional duel with Alemannic, for which 9,800 cards are now awarded.
It starts again.
We anticipate the video game versus a good opponent, highlights Prussian coach Sasha Hillman two days prior to the game at the press conference.

Aachen already began

In contrast to the eagle carriers, Aachen began the brand-new year last week with a 1-0 home win in the catch-up video game versus Fortuna Düsseldorf II.
The very first video game after a summer season or winter break is often tough since you do not understand precisely where you are.
That’s why we are pleased that we were able to win the video game
[…] But we understand that we still need to work on some for the coming game, said Aachen coach Hedge OHL after the video game.


In the 2: 4 in the first leg, OHL was still the sports director of Alemannic and Flat Kill on the sidelines.
In October, the 31-year-old took control of the training position and ever since got approximately 2.33 points per game.
Compared to our game in the first half of the season, Aachen is now playing a little differently.
That was too long ago to derive something from it.
We are drawing our conclusions from their video game versus Düsseldorf, said Sasha Hillman to the visitors.
With a view to his own group, he might be satisfied: As a group of coaches, the group makes it really challenging for us to find a very first team at the minute.
The competition is really high at the minute, all kids are burning.
It’s simply enjoyable. The test video game results stressed precisely: 6: 1 versus Welder Bremen II, 5: 1 versus BY Lone, 4: 1 versus SSV Weddell II, 3-0 against CFB Lübeck.
We are of fantastic quality and a high level.
I always state: We require defensive stability and offensive variability-then you are on the best track.
Two or 3 positions are not yet one hundred percent safe for Sunday, the football instructor gives insights into his state of affairs.

from game to game.

When asked about expectations, Hillman responded: Naturally, it is very high.
It is nearly only talked about the optimum success.
You can no longer stop that either.
That shouldn’t impact us.
We did that extremely well in the preliminary round-and I am convinced that we can do it once again.
Our focus applies to the work and our trust of the group. prior to the house game

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