7 billion eurosChelsea and Investor Todd Boehly Plan New €1.7 Billion Stadium Project | Money Not an Issue

When money does not play a major function can currently be observed at Chelsea and his investor Todd Belly, what takes place.
Next step: A stadium project that must cost up to 1.7 billion euros.
An organization with the highest possible demands and an extremely pricey interplay in a stadium that only offers around 40,000 spectators and also was last up-to-date in 2001.

Certainly, this can not be fixed up with the plans of Belly and Co-owner Behead Bali.


The Telegraph currently reports that the duo desires to have a brand-new stadium built to its Chelsea FC.
There had actually already been plans for this in 2017 under the after that Russian financier Roman Abramovich, which, however, were postponed in 2021.
The new strategy: From 2030 the blues in the brand-new Stamford Bridge can play their residence games.
According to the record, there are 3 mind games: a demolition of the Stamford Bridge as well as a brand-new structure in the very same spot, a new building at a various area or a modernization of the existing arena.
The presently preferred choice is to demolish the time-honored Stamford Bridge as well as to develop the brand-new sector in the exact same location.
Throughout the demolition and the new structure, Chelsea would then have to transfer to an additional arena-which would be the Wembley phase.
So it when did city rival Tottenham Hotspur.
For an action, nonetheless, Chelsea would need the 75 percent consent of the Chelsea Pitch Owners.
The brand-new arena ought to hold a minimum of 55,000 viewers.
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