Who starts again when?

With the Bundesliga’s decision to stay in hibernation for a few more weeks, football fans from around the world are wondering when they can expect their favorite teams to take the field again. In this article, we take a look at how other European top leagues have responded to Covid-19 and what it means for players and teams as they prepare to start back up again.


The Bundesliga treats itself to an extensive break after the World Cup, even if the tournament was over for the German international earlier than expected.
The 16th match day will only advance January 20, which then RB Leipzig and leader FC Bayern will open.
The Munich can secure the fall champion afterwards.
While the 3.
League reports back a week earlier, the second department teams only get in again on January 27th.
They had currently completed their first half of the season prior to the World Cup.


English expert football goes a totally different method.
The Premier League did not let the Holy Boxing Day eliminate from the Winter World Cup, therefore Julian Alvarez, Emiliano Martinez, Hugo Loris, Raphael Marine & Co. Clubs again asked and theory again.
It is rather possible that some lead characters can take a few more days.
This uses even more to the 2nd round in the League Cup, which starts this Tuesday and ends on Thursday with the top video game in between Manchester City and Liverpool FC.
In this competition, the top clubs usually let lots of reservists do without a World Cup.


La Liga also does not wait up until 2023 to continue the season.
On December 29th, FC Girona and Ray Volcano will play the first duel of the 15th match day when Real Madrid at Real Valladolid (December 30, 9:15 p.m.) and FC Barcelona against Español Barcelona (New Year’s Eve, 2 p.m.) are required.

Even after that, it continues cheerfully weekly.



Series A is back on January fourth.
Between 12.30 p.m. and late evening, all games of the 16th match day take location to open the 17th match day by 3 days later.
Juventus Turin in particular will be especially in focus after the workers quake throughout the World Cup.


Ligue 1, which is now just Kick-start World Master League, is also using the turn of the year to resume the thread of the weeks interrupted.
On December 28th and 29th, the 17th match day is set up on January first and 2nd.
Paris St. German, Bavaria’s challenger in the Champions League round of 16, who understands the exceptional players of the World Cup final in his ranks in Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, meets Strasbourg (H) and Lens (a) with 2nd location
Five points behind PSG had actually gone into the world cup break.