Is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes a continuation?

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the second part of the game Fire Emblem Warriors, which in itself is a by-product of the main games Fire Emblem. Warriors spin-offs are role-playing games in the Hack and Slash genre, in which the main attention is paid to various characters Fire Emblem, fighting a large group of enemies on the screen. Three Hopes focuses on characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, offering a different point of view on the story through the eyes of a completely new character. The game is a continuation of Three Houses, but is it a continuation of the story of Three Houses? Is this a sequel?

Is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes continued Three Houses?

Three Hopes are part of an alternative temporary scale in which Baylet did not join the monastery of Garreg Mach. Instead, a new character is presented by the name of Shys, who takes on the role of Baylet. Jesa is also the rival of Baylet, and their presence greatly changes the outcome of certain key events that were present in the original temporary scale of three houses. One key difference is that the main events of the war occur earlier. In Three Houses, Baylet flows into five-year-old to anyone and wakes up in the world mired in the war. In Three Hopes, the sun does not fall into a coma, and the main events of history take place two years after the events in the monastery Garreg Mach.


This makes three hopes a more alternative narrative about three houses and not a real continuation. It could be argued that this is rather Midcvel since technically this happens in the interval between three houses. Three Hopes also cover aspects of the history of three houses, which were not expanded, for example, many different members of the characters family. But since the order of events in three hopes and three houses is so different, this is not a real continuation of history. So, in the end, three hopes is not a continuation of the three houses.

Three Hopes-the continuation of the first part of Fire Emblem Warriors?

Despite the fact that this is the second part of the game Fire Emblem Warriors, Three Hopes has nothing to do with the original Warriors history. In the original game Fire Emblem Warriors was an original narrative in which Fire Emblem characters from different games were shot throughout the history of the franchise. The Three Hopes action takes place directly in the world of Fodlan and is concentrated around the characters from Three Houses.

There is no direct connection with the first game Warriors and not one of the plot lines of that first game continues. So in the sense of the plot Three Hopes, is not a real sequel to the first game Fire Emblem Warriors. . But Three Hopes is a further improvement of the gameplay, which was demonstrated in the first game Warriors. So this is a sequel from the point of view of gameplay mechanics .

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