This starts Spider Man No Way Home Revealed the first minute of the movie

These lHome startst weeks have been published numerous video clips Home starts a teHome startser of Spider-Man No Way Home, showing new scenes or other extended scenes from the two trailers releHome startsed so far. Although now the first minute full of the film and that you can see next to other clips with a few seconds never seen before.

No Way Home starts after far from home

So, and Home starts advancing Tom Holland a while ago, Spider-Man No Way Home Start immediately after Spider-Man Far from Home, the previous single film of the Arachnid Superhero Home starts Part of the UCM. So much so, that we see Spider-Man observing unbelieving the exclusive news by j. Jonah Jameson In the great screens of Times Square, in Manhattan, where the true Identity of Spider-Man is revealed to the world.

Then, and seeing that people start surrounding MJ, Spider rescues to escape from the crowd and the first popular accusations about the possible murder of Mysterious On the other hand, something that we already see in Far from home Home starts a more villain manipulation. All this while both reach the top of a bridge to get safe at the time that Peter receives the call from the friend of it Ned to the Dude!.

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Official

Home starts a curiosity, while Spider-Man and MJ swings between Times Square skyscrapers, we can see a poster of the musical dedicated to Steve Rogers, the same one that appears in the series Hawk Eye that is emitted These weeks at Disney +. This same clip contains other sequences with unpublished images of the film.

Spider-Man No Way Home Strengthens in cinemHome starts the next December 16, 2021.