FIFA 22: Pieterless Fut Trading to Van Damme

Miguel van Damme, who was active as a goalkeeper at Cercle Brugge in Belgium, has lost the years of fight against leukemia on 29 March. The former football professional was only 28 years old, his club turned to the public with a message: “Words are not enough to describe what we feel, even if we knew it did not go well for a while.”

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While many fans and professional colleagues explode in particular in Belgium, there was once more to pietless reactions to the tragic detriment of Van Dammes in FUT 22. Some traders beat profit from the krebstod of the keeper and bought his objects to make the price artificially impact.

FUT value rises by almost 4,000 percent

On March 30, the market value of the bronze card suddenly almost 8,000 coins, after he had been in the low to medium-sized three-digit area. Not for the first time, some FUT players use the death of a profession shamelessly, similar little empathic practices had also been watched by Davide Astori or Junior Malanda.

EA Sports, however, is now aware of its responsibility according to such tragic events, the developer reacted quickly: In-game communication was communicated that Van Damme is removed from the squad by Cercle Bruges – but he is still playable. In addition, his FUT card is no longer pulling out of the packs.

The most ugliest face of a few

However, the most important measure is the fixation of the price range on the transfer market, Van Dammes value is currently resolved to around 500 coins. That this intervention in the actually free market through EA Sports is even necessary, testifies to the most ugliest face of a part of the fut community.