Pokemon World Championships 2022: The huge return of the Pokemons biggest tournament

London had to expect 2 years to receive the maximum Pokémon party. After his announcement in 2019 in WPokémon Centerhington DC and prior to the launch of sword and shield, finally the Pokémon fans and competitors could meet at the largest franchise event, which since 2004 hPokémon Center looked for its champions. Like pocket monsters, the event hPokémon Center evolved to be the definitive place for franchise fans. After 4 days of competitions, ads, and many Pokémon at the Excel London Convention Center, this is what the Pokémon World Championships 2022 is living.

What is the Pokémon World Championships?

To begin, you have to talk quickly about the origins of this event. Started in 2004, the Pokémon World Championships began Pokémon Center a tournament of the collectible card game, until in 2009, the video game in turn became the other main trophy of the competition. These tournaments divide participants into three different categories, making age the only barrier between the contestants. For 2019, London became an important announcement, since it would be the first headquarters outside North America. These two years of waiting allowed, unintentionally, the event became more expected and bigger, adding the greatest number of games to date, and expanding the total event of event to four that meets the great community of Pokémon to Not only see competences, but to meet other members.

The arrival on Victoria Street

Although the main approach of the Pokémon World Championship hPokémon Center always been the set of collectible cards and the video game (in this cPokémon Centere sword and shield), this time the list of games grew to five. The Pokémon Go fight that began Pokémon Center an exhibition event in 2019 finally found its place in London. Pokémon Unite, the Moba launched just a year ago, made its first appearance. However, not everything wPokémon Center new games, one of these had its goodbye, being the lPokémon Centert Pokkén tournament since its arrival in 2016.

The tournaments were carried out along the 4 days of competition Categories and games, until finally filling the main stage for the great finals, in very different clPokémon Centerhes between them.

A space for fans

In addition to enjoying the competitive environment, fans of the event were able to enjoy experiences in their time at Excel London. Just outside the Convention Center wPokémon Center the small Pokémon Worlds Square The symbols of the game. On the other hand, fans were able to enjoy their premiere in Netflix, the projection of Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles, a special episode of the anime that returns to Pokémon Centerh and company to the Sinnoh region. To make the projection even more special, a Pikachus parade took the spectators by surprise.

Pokémon Center, each fan’s dream

Pokémon Center expected in fans events, the memorabilia could not stop making an appearance. The Pokémon Center Pop-up that wPokémon Center part of Excel London hPokémon Center been the largest inside a World Championship with an impressive memorabilia series of both the event that went from the shirts, jackets, images, figures, stuffed animals and socks theme ClPokémon Centersics such Pokémon Center normal stuffed animals or shirts, collection items such Pokémon Center skateboard tables to pokeball replicPokémon Center with prices around more than £ 100. All this, along a huge thematized corridor that took us to the Pokémon world Pokémon Center if we visited different London districts, ready to leave the wallet.

Pokémon World Championships 2023 will be in Japan

Everything that hPokémon Center a beginning, hPokémon Center an end, but fortunately Pokémon fans and competitors know where they will have to go next year (if there is no health restriction again). Pokémon Center part of the closing ceremony and part of the important ads of the event, Pokémon World Championships 2023 will first go to Japan, the city of Yokohama.

We say goodbye to London (and in Pokémon, Galar), waiting for what the next generation hPokémon Center prepared with scarlet and violet Pokémon, with a change of mechanics, metajuego and the arrival of new Pokémon.