Last week, Rockstar Games promised that these days would be launching new updates for _ gta: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. _ As promised is debt and from these moments it is possible to download the More recent patches for each of the games in the remastered collection. What do you include exactly? Here we talk to you.

According to the official site of ROCKSTAR , these updates include more than 100 settings for all trilogy games. It would be an excess to enlist all these changes right here, so below you will find only the most relevant:

125 HUGE Changes Made To The GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition You DON'T Know About! (2022 Update)
– All graphic modes have received improvements in their performance and stability.

  • Problems were corrected when trying to restart a mission from the last stored point.

  • Problems related to the collision system were corrected.

  • Textures were improved in certain sections.

With these patches, the experience of GTA: The Trilogy should be much more pleasant for all players. We do not know if your developers have intentions to continue throwing more updates in the future, but considering that this collection has just arrived at the market, it is most likely so.

Editor’s note: GTA: The Trilogy suffered a lot during his first days after his launch. The community was allowed by the subject of the Bugs and Glitches, although the truth is that these games should never have received the contempt they did receive at the time.