FC Bayern | Serge Gnabry: “Never had an alternative

At national player Serge Gnabry from FC Bayern Munich there was never a plan B to his football career.

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“I never had an alternative way in the head. I never had interest in other things than football. That’s why I’m very glad that it worked as a professional, otherwise I would not have known what I would have started or what I would like “Gnabry said in an” Amazon “podcast.

He faith, supplemented the 26-year-old, “it goes many in our generation so that they do not know what they want. Therefore, of course it is a blessing, my hobby and my passion to make a job”.

With some worries, Gnabry looks at the younger generation on the use of social media. This laying out “much more value on social media than us and makes even a lot of personal dependent, instead of living a bit more in reality. I think that’s worrying,” Gnabry said.

Especially as a Serge Gnabrysman or famous person it is “without the social media hard to stay on the ground,” says the Bayern star: “I find it extremely important to preserve a certain privacy on social media and not everything from home to share with the public. “