You can now create groups with the last update of Nintendo Switch

And so out of nowhere, the Nintendo Switch has just received a surprise update that adds a highly requested function by the community. Similar to the way it worked with PlayStation 4 , the hybrid console of the large n now allows you to group multiple games in a ‘folder’, and here we explain exactly how it works.

To make use of this function, make sure you switch is updated to version 14.0.0 . Additionally, you can only create groups if there are more than 12 games installed on your console , and yes, It is possible to repeat the same game in more than one group.

To create a group, follow the following steps:

1. From the SWITCH HOME menu, go to the right and select the ‘All Software’ option.

Nintendo Switch Now Has FOLDERS to Group Games! New Update!
two. Press the ‘L’ button to see your pro groups.

3. The first time you create a group, you will get a submenu where you should press the ‘+’ button to create it.

4. Mark all games you want to add to the group, and select ‘Next’.

5. Accommodates all the games as best, and give it to ‘Next’ again.

6. Choose the name of the group, and select ‘Next’ again.

7. The new group you have created will be added to the list of groups.

Keep in mind that you can create a maximum of 100 groups, and each of them will allow you to add up to 200 games.