Walters will training works

The fact that there will be a showdown for Walter next Sunday in Rostock and his his is the result of a remarkable catch -up, which serves as an advertisement on its own behalf, as the lecture against Hanover. Nine points were the gap to the relegation rank after the 1-2 against Paderborn on matchday 28, it was still seven after a 0-1 in Kiel. Four victories since then have been evidence that the HSV can be there in the decisive phase of a season after the Walter’s training course that started last July. And even if everything seems lost. Or did the series succeed because everything seemed lost?

Around 96, after the goal, the Hamburgers were noticed that they had something to lose, that they occasionally wobbled. But they did not fell and were worn by the audience with devotion and passion by the critical phases. For Walter, this symbiosis between the appendix and the contingent is a very important argument. Because the trainer rightly states: “How people push us here is a reflection. We are convinced of ourselves, courageously and passionate and that is exactly what the fans want to see. It is brutally fun and is pure joy, like mine Boys get in and how much people reward it. ” It is already a great victory of the coach after years of disappointment after years of disappointments.

We take the energy into the entire next week.

Captain Sebastian Schonlau

Sebastian Walter vs Daniel Pablevic Yildirim Tayyar vsSchmidt knilingen Trainer Quarta v.

In the past few weeks and months, Walter had referred to the prayer mill that it was primarily about development. After the 33rd matchday, which the HSV concludes at least as third, he also looks at the table and says: “We now want to win the next game and take the step into the other league.” The protagonists hide the fact that the club and squad suddenly have something to lose something again and thus have a situation in which they failed in previous years. “It was incredible how the spectators pushed us against Hanover,” says double goal scorer Robert Glatzel, “we have to take this energy to Rostock.” Captain Sebastian Schonlau also puts on this: “We take the energy into the entire next week.”

Resistance and energy instead of doubts were crucial for an impressive catch -up. Exactly these ingredients should now also ensure that the climbing tour does not end abruptly and prematurely before the goal.