NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics outlaw Miami Heat in game 2 with triple rain and suffocating defense

The Boston Celtics have balanced the East final with a demonstration of power against Miami Heat. The combination of early three-rain and an suffocating defense makes Jayson Tatum and Co. pull away early in the 127:10 blowout. Jimmy Butler can no longer force heat comeback.

Thanks to 27 points (8/13 FG, plus 5 rebounds and 5 assists), Tatum became the top scorer of the Celtics, just behind it followed Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart with 24 points each. Grant Williams also contributed 19 points from the bank, Daniel Theis (2 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist) was only allowed in the Garbage Time.

First and foremost Smart, the game on his comeback pressed his stamp after a short injury break. Although he only stood out of the field (5/12 threes) at 8/22, he shone with his defense and playmaking (12 assists). He also collected 9 rebounds and 3 steals. He is the first Celtic with such a statline in the playoffs since Rajon Rondo 2012.

Butler stood up with 29 points (11/18 FG), 16 of which he achieved in the third quarter when Miami was already falling behind. But even the scoring of the 32-year-old no longer made the game exciting, but Boston’s offense acted too efficient and the defense also presented Miami with arge problems. In the Heat, only Gabe Vincent (14), Tyler Herro (11) and Victor Oladipo (13, a large part in Garbage Time) cracked the double-digits.

The good news for Boston began a few hours before tip-off, when leaked that both Smart and Al Horford (10) returned to the floor. Derrick White was missing for personal reasons, Miami had to do without Kyle Lowry (thighs) again. Smart immediately took over the Matchup with Butler, but P.J. Tucker (5, but later with knee problems) surprisingly aggressively in the end and Vincent and Max Strus sank threesome for an early 18: 8 lead for the home side.

Celtics dominate game 2 thanks to three rain and defense

But then the game turned completely. Boston also got an excellent start from downtown. The three-rain enabled a 17-0 run, a little later the Celts marked the sixth successful triple in a row. Miami couldn’t keep up with the shotmaking of the guests, 35:24 for Boston after the first round.

The Celtics did not cool down, instead they increased relatively quickly in the second quarter. It got even more bad for the home side. Tatum took a hammer-dunk out in the Fastbreak, then sank a difficult jumper including foul, followed by a threesome. Tatum gave Miami 17 points in the second quarter, Boston set himself up to 29 points and led 70:45 at half -time. Pure dominance of the Celtics!

Miami showed something again after the change of sides, when the intensity decreased at the same time. The heat fans, who have meanwhile completely silenced, also made some mood again. Butler now took the offense on his shoulders, but Miami couldn’t get any closer than -17. For this, this ensured that Smart with some jumpers and a adhesive reader against strus. Until the end of the quarter, Boston pulled away to 96:71.

The heat no longer had a run. At the latest a Smart step-back triangle, which increased the lead to 30 points about ten minutes before the end, made the lid on this game. Now the “Let’s Go Celtics” calls in Miami finally prevailed. Game 3 of the series is on the program in the night of Sunday in Boston.

the most important statistics

Miami Heat (1) – Boston Celtics (2) 102: 127 (boxcore), series: 1-1

  • The first four minutes of the game still belonged to Miami, but then the home side could no longer play along. From a double-digit deficit, the game turned very quickly into a Celtics blowout, after the meantime -10, Boston delivered a 62:27 run in 19 minutes until the half-time break. The offensive rating of the guests was one at half -time at 159 points per 100 possessions – the most efficient half of all teams in these playoffs after this metric!
  • The 25-point lead at half-time was a franchise record for the Celtics. The traditional franchise in the playoffs has never had a higher lead (except Bubble playoffs). Teams with a tour of 25+ points at any time are now 81-1 in the playoff history.
  • Of course, the excellent shoot helped. In the first quarter alone, Boston 9 threesome (in 11 attempts, 81.8 percent)-franchise playoff record. The Celtics then cooled down a bit, but in the end there were still 20 successful triples and a quota of 50 percent. Miami, on the other hand, was at 10/34 from Downtown (30.3 percent).
  • Important to mention: Boston did not just have the luck. In most cases, the degrees were excellently played out. Both the Ball Movement and the movement of the players agreed away from the ball, for example, the good Passing also enabled the guests to have numerous open threes. The 24 successful Field Goals was preceded by 16 assists at half -time – and Boston only had 4 ball losses (a total of 28 assists on 10 turnover).

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat - ECF Full Game 2 Highlights | May 19, 2022 NBA Playoffs

The star of the game: Marcus Smart

At the break, the 28-year-old was out of the field at 2/11 and at the same time at +26! That summarized the game of the Guard quite well, even if his litter did not fell at the beginning, he had an immense influence on the game of the Celts with his defense and his playmaking. The fact that his litter returned in half two was a nice bonus. All Boston should be extremely happy that Smart is back on the court.

The flop of the game: Tyler Herro

In game 1 he was one of the best Heatles next to Butler, but that evening Boston punished his defensive susceptibility merciless. Herro couldn’t make up for this (11, 5/11 FG). Ultimately, the statisticians recorded a plus/minus -34 – by far the worst value on the side of the heat.

the scene of the game

Marcus Smart did many strong things that evening, his own shoot was actually not one of them. In the meantime he was out of the field at 1/10 – but the most difficult things he met. For example, this runner from the Baseline via the backboard with foul. In this scene, the Celtics Bank already nodded appreciatively, but completely exploded when Smart sent a little later to the boards and sank the jumper over him.

Heat vs. Celtics: The series at a glance (1-1)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 18. May 2.30 a.m. Miami Heat Boston Celtics 118: 107
2 20. May 2.30 a.m. Miami Heat Boston Celtics 102: 127
3 22. May 2.30 a.m. Boston Celtics Miami Heat
4 24. May 2.30 a.m. Boston Celtics Miami Heat
5 26. May 2.30 a.m. Miami Heat Boston Celtics
6* 28. May 2.30 a.m. Boston Celtics Miami Heat
7* 30. May 2.30 a.m. Miami Heat Boston Celtics

*if necessary

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