Le rpg action science

Do you remember when E3 last year, Koch Media announced a brand new publishing label? This publisher is prime Matter, and he has all kinds of interesting games in preparation. One of them is Dolmen, an action RPG taking place on a hostile extraterrestrial planet named Revion Prime.

The Last Oricru – Overview Trailer

You can handle firearms as well as melee weapons in this intriguing title as you search for the dolmen holding, a crystal that holds the key to the interdimensional journey. We get an atmosphere of souls in space in the new trailer (above), which also tells us the release date. You will face out extraterrestrial wicked from May 20th on PlayStation 5 and PS4.

There is not much information to get for the moment. It seems influenced by the work of fromSoftware, opposing you to a hard world and its powerful inhabitants. You can switch between the melee and the distance at any time, and an energy mode permeates your weapons of elementary effects, which seems to be a cool ride.

We are certainly intrigued, but what do you think of Dolmen? Try you to beat Revion Prime and his (probably) horrible beasts? Tell us in the Comments section below.