Should You Buy Hogwarts Legacy After Controversy Surrounding J.K. Rowling and Transphobia? – AI Weighs In On the Boycott Debate

Hogwarts Legacy has been saying since your announcement.
The game based on the magic universe created by J. K. Rowling has been the target of boycott because of controversy involving the author of the Harry Potter saga.
J. K. has already been involved in several transphobic problems-MGG azil has already summarized them in all of them in the article The Cancellation of J.K.
Rowling can affect the success of Hogwarts Legacy -and part of the community, once a fan, decided not to consume her products with her finger in the middle, but after all: to buy Hogwarts Legacy is to collaborate with J. K Rowling’s ideas?
Catgut, a free dialogue service with artificial intelligence, answered that question.
Catgut is a tool that is vitalizing the internet for using optimized artificial intelligence for dialogue using a learning method called Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF)-which uses human patterns to guide AI behavior.
It’s you talking to a robot.
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catgut responds if it is right to buy Hogwarts Legacy

The boycott saga to Hogwarts Legacy continues and extended to Twitch, a platform where part of content creators do not want to get involved with the game.
Sailing Sticker, creator of content that went viral when getting job after 5 years unemployed during Live, decided to ask the IA if it is ethical to consume products that give money to support transphobic causes and published in his personal profile the supposed answer: not ethical.
Thus, MGG azil decided to be more specific and ask Catgut: Buy Hogwarts Legacy is to collaborate with J. K Rowling’s ideas?
The tool has responded oadly, arguing that acquiring the game can be seen as a form of support for the author and its worldview, but can also be considered a way of supporting the people involved in the development of the game.
Concludes by saying that it is a personal choice.


Asking more specifically if it is right to buy Hogwarts Legacy taking into account the controversies involving J.K.
Rowling, Chappt makes it clear that he has no personal opinions and is just a language model trained by OpenAI.
But that the decision to buy or not the game is exclusively from the consumer, and that it is necessary to consider individual values and beliefs.

Despite the weighing, the number of Hogwarts Legacy views exploded on Twitch and was a sales leader reaching 489,000 simultaneous players on Steam.